When will the end be in sight?

groceriesOver the past year, our prices have doubled.  This represents a week’s worth of groceries for two.  I used to spend a little over $100 each week.  There is an extravagance of $28.19 for 2 rib eye steaks which will be used for two meals.  The bill was a tiny bit higher than usual due to the fact that I needed laundry soap, shampoo, and the makings for Easter bread; and I do have to try to feed myself organic when I can.  This was two good sized bags and two medium bags (not plastic, of course).  Four bags!  Thank god fishing season is only three months away.  The freezer is getting bare.


2 thoughts on “When will the end be in sight?

  1. when i crabbed out of una laska 50 odd years ago, we got $o.10 a pound with a 10 lb average.now i can’t afford to buy it.by the way,my grand mother was sarah mcglashan,so i have roots in your area

  2. Know how it is shopping in a local store in the bush. I lived near Manley Hot Springs in the early 90’s and had a hard time accepting the fact that they wanted $4.00 for a loaf of bread at the local store.

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