After listening to a hilarious conversation between Alena and cookie dough when they discussed lifestyle changes and the nutritional value of foods including traditional native foods at yet another StoryCorps conversation, I decided a new page was in order.  So this section is dedicated to gathering and utilizing local foods.  My first addition will be in honor of that riotous conversation.  Cookie dough was wishing to try pickled kelp.  The pages are found on the sidebar under In Addition.

4 thoughts on “Subsistence

  1. This is a great blog! I’m hoping that you post some more pages in here with recipes. At APIA, we are working on a “resource” book of traditional foods from throughout the region. Any local recipes or traditional knowledge about food preparation, preservation, or harvest would be great to have!

  2. This was a fascinating section of posts. Not only is it interesting to learn all of this, but I love the way that you write about it.

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