Unalaska at its finest.

We have been enjoying our beautiful February weather over the past week or so.  Mom and Dad say that they have always done a lot of boating in February because the weather always offers up a couple of weeks of beautiful, flat calm days with brilliant sunshine. 

This past week has also shown another finest of Unalaska, besides its February weather. It has been an action-packed showcase of the generousity of Unalaskans, from the Channel 8 auction (with their awesome and hilarious soap opera, Dutch Harbor 99692 ), to the Ballyhoo Lions bowling, spilling over to the Museum of the Aleutian’s Chocolate Extravaganza, and ending up on Sunday with the Preschool Ice Cream Social.  Where else but Unalaska, could you wear yourself out donating money to great public ideas in action?  And having fun doing it? 

A couple of my indispensable chocolate making tools.

I also wrapped up my segment for the Unangan Program at the elementary school.  My last week with the cutest little first graders you will ever see, was a breeze after my previous week with almost 30 second graders!  Not that the second graders weren’t cute…..there were just soooooooooooo many of them.  Keeps you on your toes when you are working with hot oil. 

Awesome journal-ing.

Suzi Golodoff now has five weeks with the students, teaching about our Aleutian feathered friends, and, last but not least – in fact, most importantly – Laresa Syverson will give 5 weeks of her afternoons in the pursuit of passing on Unangam tunuu (the Aleut language) to a generation younger than her!

Can you find the grey-crowned rosy finch?

6 thoughts on “Unalaska at its finest.

  1. Hi, is this Sharon that used to be married to Caleb? If so you might remember me. I worked for PenAIr in DUT back when Nic Sias was flying in DUT. I quit PenAIR and moved to WI almost 2 years ago.

    1. Hey, Krissy. I do sooooo remember you! Caleb says hey. (You can see how he has weathered life – June 2009, the “greenhouse” project.) He always said you were one of the smartest employees at Penair. And, we are still married. Love your blog site (I checked it out, of course!) When scanning the hills of Unalaska, I still expect to see Nic, with his long legs, come striding home. I’ll have to tell Wendy where you are and about your blog and goats! Awesome.

    1. Yes, I know she coordinated the Christmas Bird Count again this year, and I just partnered with her to judge the Science Fair. It was busy and fun.

  2. I am so glad Krissy gave me your blog. I do get “homesick” for the Aleutians altho life in Colo is full. Taylor is 17 and a junior in high school. She has been training/showing Quarter Horses for several years now. We hope to go to Alaska next year for a graduation trip. Trying to remember, is Larissa your oldest daughter?? Is Caleb still at PenAir??

    1. Oh, this is great. You won’t believe this, but Caleb, Wendy, and I were just talking about the good ole airport crew several days before I heard from Krissy. I can not believe that Taylor is 17. God, I’m old. Laresa is the youngest….at 28 years of age; Alena is the middle child and gave us the first grandchild. He is now 8. Scott, my oldest has a little boy who turned 3 in December. So, grandma territory has been explored and embraced, ha. Caleb quit Penair, gosh about 8 years ago – he took a couple of years off, believe it or not, to take care of a little baby! He is a pretty dedicated grandpa. He now works part-time for Alaska Central Express. Okay, now that I know you guys are peeking in on my blog, I will try to be a good girl about keeping up. I just get soooooooooo exhausted with all the activities. Great hearing from you.

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