The Ninja and his Sensei.

Our peaceful contemplation following our Hallow’s Eve feast was interrupted.  Not, as one would expect, by a knock on the door, but by a forceful bursting in of the door.  A black clad figure, masked, except for his eyes, came whirling into the room, swinging frightful blades.  He was followed by a black clad figure with wizened white hair and beard – his Sensei, I would imagine.  Halloween 2009 009a

Now I understand his refusal to cut his hair!

5 thoughts on “The Ninja and his Sensei.

  1. How I love reading your blogs dear Cousin! Can’t believe how old SP is already!!!
    I sure missed seeing you all at the TAC meet this year. My back kept me home.
    Please tell your folks I send best regards and lots of love to all of you!

    Wow, reading Unalaska blogs makes me soooo homesick!

    1. Wow! So nice to know that you are reading my blogs, although I took quite a break this summer. We miss you so much…holidays are just not the same without you and Doug. We were looking pretty hard for you at the TAC meetings.

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