So, okay, I must admit it…I am getting stodgy.  I really wanted SP to get a hair cut before school pictures.  Didn’t happen.  Yes, he looked great as a ninja with his spiky long bangs on Halloween.  But really!  It was just too much for me, so I made an appointment and picked him up.

Wednesday the 12th 004a
3 minutes before.

Presto. Chango.  And there’s my boy.

Wednesday the 12th 006a
5 minutes after.

3 thoughts on “Finally.

  1. YAYYYYYYY!!! LOL Not that he didn’t look cute anyway, but YES, the short hair is very much more SP!! I don’t know what it is with these boys nowadays .. no one wants to get their hair cut! Which reminds me …. I gotta take my boy in to get his cut, too … LIKE SOON … LIKE NOW. hahaha

    1. It was so funny at the salon….trying to get the length off so a good shape could be achieved, he had a great mullet going on…and no camera! His mom came in when he was looking pretty nerdy – it’s a good thing she has some respect for her elders ‘cuz he was not looking good, and I really should have been in fear of her!!

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