Happy Halloween!

ScottsKittyPumpkinI recall a Halloween when I was probably 2 or 3 years old.  My memory is boosted by the fact that Mom and Dad have pictures.  I was a clown.  I held my older sister’s hand all night for that sense of security you get from loved ones when you are scared out of your wits.  Unfortunately, my sister was a witch, sporting a very ugly and scary rubber mask.  Everytime I looked at her, I would cry.  But I wouldn’t let go of her hand.

My mom and dad gave my older sister and I the gift of responsibility over our little sisters.  I got to do stuff like cut their hair, sew them outfits…not your average run of the mill sibling responsibility tasks.  And, of course, we got to design their costumes.  I don’t remember them having too much say about it, either.  I think the year of crowning glory in the costume department was the year we made my little sister Wendy be a jack-in-the-box.  She was dressed appropriately like Jack, and had to pop out of a box.  Of course she was 7-8, so it meant that Barbara and I had to heft around this great big box!

Having had the responsibility of costuming not only my sisters as they grew up, but also my own children, I am so happy to be able to enjoy Halloween without the added stress of “The Costume”!  My daughter Alena has it easy…they make such great costumes these days, plus she can afford to buy them!!  My all time favorite costume that she got for SP was the one when he was 15 days old.


Hope you all have a great spooky eve!

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