The potato crop was a success!

After last year’s semi-success at growing a potato crop, we made another go of it.  With a year of experience under his belt, Caleb planted a nice crop of organic robinta potatoes, running the rows in an east/west configuration. 

Potato Crop 2010

After more research, I talked him into actually letting the plants flower and die back – like they are supposed to do!  Keeping him from digging them before it was time was tricky.  He can be pretty sneaky.  So far, with about 1/3 of the crop left to harvest, we have gotten about 28 pounds of some of the most delicious potatoes I have ever tasted! 

They come in all sizes from enormous to cute, petite bites.

Several of them have been split – I guess growing too fast.  None of them have been rotten.  Yay!  They slice like butter, even with a dull knife.  And no matter how we cook them, we marvel at how good they taste. 

Olive oil, kosher salt, and thyme - then roast.

I think there is a possibility that next year we might try them outside the “greenhouse”.  

   Otherwise we will never be able to grow enough to suit our needs.

…and the whirlwind of life continues.

Well, how about this life in small town America?  Are you all getting enough activities to be content?  I am continually amazed at how life never seems to slow down in Unalaska.  I think I just need to zone out for a bit to recouperate, but the really busy times are right around the corner.  The spouse and I are currently enthralled with all the arguments that are even remotely possible concerning such things as the greenhouse, getting the boat ready for fishing, the messy house, when Alena is leaving again for her classes, how come the tomato plant isn’t blossoming, where in the heck do you get seed potatos in the State of Alaska, and if I have meetings, what’s for dinner?

We had a great time last weekend cheering on all the wonderful folks who shaved their heads to support children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during treatment.  During the St. Baldrick’s Day event, the community raised around $20,000 to support research.  My nephew, Jacob, was one of the shavees.  I am very proud that he is compassionate about life. 

Jacob 'before'.

And off to the left, is CB, from Dutch Harbor Dirt .  He was also a shavee. 

OMG! Feeling the head for the first time!

And look at that pile of hair!  Thanks also to Jacob’s mom, Wendy, for signing that permission slip, allowing Jacob not only to get his head shaved, but to raise money for the cause. 

And, yes, Mamma approves.

And two of my favorite guys, CB, of the above mentioned blog, and Steve, whose blog, A Sense of Place, keeps many of us centered with his thoughtful posts.  You can read him at 

CB on the left, and Steve, front and center!
Aren't they just the handsomest?

We have had a couple of beautiful days in Unalaska, teasing us with spring-like weather. 

Dad - checking out the salmon stream at Summer Bay.
Mom and Caleb walking the beach at Summer Bay.

And just look at all the beauty and then look at the crap that washes up on shore. 

How in the heck are we going to get rid of this?

Next week is Clean Up Week in Unalaska.  The snow is melting quickly and it is time to pick up everything that has been blowing hither and yon over the winter.  Bags are available at PCR.  Pick up a handful and have at it!