The Meaning of Family.


My family ties got a little broader and tighter this past week.  I got a chance to meet my mother’s sister’s son’s grandchildren.  Our family has relatives far-flung all over these United States.  It was not a conscious decision for my mother’s family to disperse in all directions from the Aleutian Islands.  It was, instead, due to a forced evacuation of all Native peoples from the islands during World War II.  My mother’s older sister Myrtle ended up being sent to her military husband’s family in the deep south.  After the war, they eventually ended up settling in Nevada and raising 3 children.  The kids had several chances to visit as they were growing up and these visits stuck like glue in the mind of the oldest son.  He made several trips as an adult, once with one of his children.  Several other times with his wife.  The time before this trip, to spread some of his mother’s ashes in the family plot, to be reunited with her mother, father, and brothers and sisters who had preceded her in passing.

On one of these trips, he was in Unalaska during the time that our Traditional Knowledge summer camp was taking place.  From that experience sprang the seeds of an idea to have his grandchildren experience their roots and learn about their indigenous culture.

Dennis and his two granddaughters arrived the day before camp began on a day with the fog hanging halfway down the mountains and after having spent two hours in Cold Bay, Alaska waiting for fuel.  They were unfortunate to land in Cold Bay after 2 Japanese military planes had emptied the fuel trucks of all fuel.  Two of his children were to arrive three days later.  His daughter, the mother of the girls, and his son, both of whom had never been here before.  They had the true Aleutian experience of flying to the point of being directly overhead, and turning around to return to Anchorage because they couldn’t find the airport in the fog.  Well….not a true Aleutian experience because they actually made it onto a flight the next day and landed.

Oh the girls had an experience like no other.  The fish – baked, smoked, made into lox.  The octopus.  The fish pie.  The sea lion.  Learning to weave.  Making masks.  Learning some Unangam tunuu, the Aleut language.  Songs and dance.  And the son and daughter?  Hiking some of the trails made by their ancestors some 8,000 years before.  Climbing above the clouds and watching the landscape and village magically appear as the clouds dissolved.

But the real magic was in the sharing of family and history.  Seeing the bonds forged between a great, great aunt and great, great nieces; between great aunts and great niece and great nephew; between cousins and second cousins, and beyond.  The magic of feeling a kinship with virtual strangers.  The real magic was in the wistful expressions on the day of departure.  The strange pulling at the heart strings that the islands give to people who come here with their hearts wide open.  Yes.  And the promise of returning again someday.

4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Family.

  1. You were blessed to be able to share your home with distant family. The children blessed also to be able to learn of their ancestors ways. And the departure I understand too well..for when I left my family after Christmas, even when it meant coming home to Alaska, my heart felt empty.

    1. There comes a time when we grow beyond our need for solitude. There comes a time, Pete, when we might begin to realize that it is time to rejoin the human rat race; not particularly or specifically for ourselves, but for others.

  2. It has a been a long while since I last read you posted words and hope you are well and had a good Christmas. I received your Temporary post notification and request to delete (9ed6afdd-ea10-4aad-8f8f-bd8eb19e7710 – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7) I am old and my mind does not put the pieces together so well so you will have to take me by the hand and tell me what to do with that notice.
    Let me know.

    1. So sorry about that confusing post. I wasn’t aware that it was actually going to be going out. I was just testing a program on my new computer specifically for blogging. How irritating, haha. Christmas, including my extended Orthodox Christmas celebrated on the Julian calendar, was joyous, but taxing. I haven’t been posting due to an illness in my family that has rearranged my schedule substantially. Hope to get back to it soon. Actually have been dealing with two illnesses.

      I don’t believe you actually have to do anything to delete anything….I looked at the blog and the practice posting does not appear to be showing up, thank heavens. Hope your time in Texas was marvelous. Thanks for the note, Pete.


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