Where Heaven is a local call.

Front Beach, Unalaska, Alaska.
Front Beach, Unalaska, Alaska.

In the throes of summer, where temps range from the low 40’s to the mid 60’s, time flies by.  It is a perfect time when the seas are just right, the clouds are high and scattered, the sun is shining, and the fish are running.  The grass is lush and green and wildflowers are full of bumblebees.  A spellbinding moment in time when the “other half” is patient and peaceful.  These are the times that I think of how my friend Tiny remarks on Unalaska’s spectacular beauty and how he believes that heaven is a local call.  He is so absolutely correct.

5 thoughts on “Where Heaven is a local call.

  1. Oh Sharon, so beautiful! Lovely place, photo, and thoughts – thank you for this sweet moment in my day. Enjoy summer!
    Jo in Southeast Alaska (where we are having rain that the fish and berries need)

    1. Thanks, Lyle. Hope your temps cool down a bit soon. I think we had at least one day when it was about 73 this summer. Now the berries are starting to get ripe and the fireweed is blooming.

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