Christmas Eve 2010

Okay, it has been a while!  I wonder if anyone believes how incredibly busy a small town can be?  Enough said.

Christmas Eve 2010 was worth the effort put in.  Mom and I planned, then parceled out some cooking duties:  Cookies – Greg Hawthorne, Gingerbread cookies, Alena Syverson, Scallop ceviche, Wendy Svarny-Hawthorne, who promptly parceled that one out to  her son, Nicky Hawthorne.   Brie with cranberries in puff pastry, Wendy, as well as hot crab dip.  Laresa was designated the official setter-upper, which includes setting up the table, the buffet, and the dreaded wrapping of the silverware.

Of course Mom cleaned house for almost 2 weeks before hand.  Holiday cleaning…why didn’t I inherit that gene?  On the 22nd and 23rd we started cooking in earnest.

Nicky Hawthorne's scallop ceviche....delish!
Alena's gingerbread cookies and Zoya's million layer Russian cake.
Cookies made by Greg and Mom; truffles by me.
Silver salmon lox, octopus, and pickled salmon.
Yum...Perushkies, brie, layered shrimp & potato salads, ham, curried rice, etc.
Gert Svarny, without whom the party would be nothing!
SP digging in!
Catching Sam just at the right moment!
Greg Hawthorne and son, Jacob, enjoying themselves.
Yekatrina, Michelle, and Zoya, hanging out in the kitchen!
The tree!

Enjoying family, friends, and food.  What could be better?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2010

  1. Wow, what a delight to get to visit the Svarny’s and imagine how wonderful every single dish to taste mmmm, I am savoring it right now. Sure wish I could have been there. I so miss your feasts!!! There is nothing to compare! Yum, yum.
    Love to all,
    p.s. Xmas cards are coming, eventually…

    1. Hi, Sherry! Boy, you and Doug are surely missed! No Jerah, no Char! What is this world coming to?? But we persist in our parties….adding people here and there….keeping up the traditions for all eternity!! haha. Okay, now you have put in writing that you are sending Christmas cards. I love getting Christmas cards. I am soooooo bad about sending them, though. I make them early, put them away, and then totally forget about them. Usually until the end of January or into February, when I accidentally come across them.

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