Beginning the harvest.

Garden 001a
Getting ready to dig some spuds.

Garden 007aWhile I was at church on Sunday, Caleb, SP, and Alena opened up the garden and began to harvest the root veggies.  We planted fingerlings and carrots.  Fingerling potatoes are small.  I knew that, but I think Caleb was expecting more for all the work.  He said, as we stared at about 10 plants worth which weighed in at about 4.5 pounds, “How much does a 5 pound bag of potatoes cost?”  I said, “It’s not about the cost….these are grown with your own hands, with nothing harmful added to the soil.”   (Thank God we didn’t plant the peanut potatoes!)Garden 020a

Garden 019aSP was totally thrilled with the carrots.  They didn’t pull them all, so I will be able to pull a couple myself and there are still about 14 potato plants to dig.  We have had tons of lettuce all summer.  In fact, some of our biggest fights this summer have been over the lettuce.  “How can lettuce make you fight?”, you ask.  Don’t ask! 

Garden 004a
Buttercrunch lettuce - yummy but not very crunchy.

Our pepper plants didn’t produce at all.  We probably started them a bit too late.  Mom and Dad are getting new windows installed at the house.  Caleb is already planning a new greenhouse with the old windows.  He also won 2500 heritage seeds on ebay.  So many different vegetables and varieties to choose from….what is a girl to do?Garden 021a

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