Time is NOT standing still.

I have always listened to my mother.  Well, not!  But as I have gotten older and wiser, I try to value her opinion whenever I can.  She has been saying for years, ” Wait until you are forty, and see how fast time goes by.”  Then it was “Wait until  you are fifty….”  Well, let me tell you, time is just whipping by me like I was standing still.  I can’t believe it is almost April.  30 more days to record your conversations.  I can’t believe it is almost Easter.  Didn’t we just go through the holidays? 

This past week has been just as busy as the previous ones.  I participated in many of the offerings, but – can you believe it – I didn’t take my camera!!  I should be fired from this blog site. 

To appease the blog god, I am offering up a couple of shots from last week…one that we don’t usually get around here.  And let me caution all you young whipper snappers.  Slow down and smell the bog candles.  Life is too short.

Ice in the bay.
Ice in the bay.
It is just the fresh water run-off, but it looks like little icebergs!
It is just the fresh water run-off, but it looks like little icebergs!

4 thoughts on “Time is NOT standing still.

  1. Rich and I were just talking about this, too. He said he remembers people saying “life is short,” but never really believing it when he was younger because there seemed to be so many years ahead. Now, suddenly, we believe it! There’s more behind us than ahead of us unless we are incredibly healthy and/or lucky! Everything definitely has more of a sense of urgency to it these days. How did I get to be 50 something??!!

    1. They should be done tomorrow afternoon. Will you be attending the Museum’s Annual Meeting at the hotel tomorrow evening? If so, I can bring them with me. Let me know.

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