StoryCorps Unalaska Update

 StoryCorps Unalaska is quickly approaching the point of no return.  April 30th will be our last recording day.  This evening  Kristine and I recorded our 72nd Unalaska story.  Woo hoo!!!  We are getting so close to our goal of 105 stories.  We have booked slots up and actually only have about 25 slots available for booking. 

Kristine and I have gone all philosophical during breaks while waiting for folks who have forgotten their appointments  (isn’t that a nice way of putting it?).   We have decided that although we have always appreciated the people in Unalaska, we have been priviledged to get to see factions to their personalities that sometimes are not visible as they present themselves to the public.   We are so in awe of this opportunity.

That being said….we are having a HOOT of a time.  Team Unalaska is dedicated to hard work, but we are the team that just has to have fun. 

Kristine and I have both interviewed priests.  Sorry, StoryCorps NY, this is as close as we could get.  Lots of grey space between us. 

Sharon and Rev. Dr. Michael Oleksa.
Sharon and Rev. Dr. Michael Oleksa.
Kristine and Father Nelson Marilag.
Kristine and Father Nelson Marilag.
We have facilitated for mothers and daughters.
And fathers and daughters.
And mothers and sons.
w & son
And a husband and wife, or two.
k and joe
gigi 2
A couple of sisters.
a & l
s & w
A veteran of three wars.

US Army, Retired Samuel R. Svarny

And best of friends.
T & S
We have our standard issue box of tissue for those tender moments.
Things can start out quite seriously.
And sometimes just take on a life of their own.
mel and alena
Kristine has gotten quite the reputation around town.  We joke that we will have to put an ad on channel 8 and in the Dutch Harbor Fisherman letting people know that after April 30 it will be safe to approach Kristine again. 
She has, unfairly, I might add,  been called a stalker and has been accused of ambushing people.  We are tricksters of the best sort.  And in all this nudging, and cajoling, we have not had one person who did not enjoy the experience.   And I’ll tell you something…she is the best partner in the world!
New York thinks that Kristine’s and my blurry pictures are because Unalaska people are just so full of energy that they can’t stand still.  We let them think that, but secretly, Kristine and I have both vowed to stand still ourselves when shooting pics!
So, let me invite you all, once again, to give Kristine a call at 359-8016 to schedule your conversation before StoryCorps wraps up the Alaska Initiative.  Ya won’t regret it.  And Akutan….here we come!
Tell your story.   Pass it on.  Remember, for Alaskans, its free.

7 thoughts on “StoryCorps Unalaska Update

  1. appreciate the update noticed many “but for the grace of God there go I” posters. SOmeone has priorities in line with mine.

  2. LOL I think my daughter might argue with the thought that EVERYONE enjoyed it LOL…..she was hungry!! 🙂

  3. What a privalege to be involved in StoryCorps!
    Thank you for for encouraging us to be a part of it!
    The Hladick Family

  4. While I admit to dragging my feet to get on board I must also admit to you needing to throw me out once I got going and going and going.
    Thank you for such a wonderful time. Sharon, I appreciate your stepping in where my pal (who does not appeared to have shown up) forgot (you know who you are ºÜº).
    What a wonderful opportunity this program is and what a fabulous job the two of you are doing.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

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