Unavoidably in love with plants

I have come to the possible conclusion that when I post something to a ‘page’, it doesn’t get recognized by wordpress as a real post. Tell me if I am wrong. I have posted the above titled piece on my Subsistence page.

6 thoughts on “Unavoidably in love with plants

    1. But were you aware that I posted it yesterday, or did you just know about it because I posted a note on my main page? Of course this assumes that you are just sitting there waiting for my posts, lol!

  1. I hate to confuse the issue but it went to my span box on Yahoo???? But do not think you are alone for at least a week all WordPress comments and the blogs I am following are put in the spam box.

    1. Thanks, Pete. I think I caught a bit of your doldrums. We’ve had some whoppers weather wise lately, and I was busy shoveling and thinking about all the shoveling I did last winter, and almost fell into the ‘what’s the use’ syndrome. But we all know that will just lead to impossible situations. So I think I knocked myself out of them. The doldrums, that is.

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