Can’t we all just get along?

03072013 015aI was thinking about birds today.  Perhaps because I saw a flock of tiny birds and it was so cold outside that it made me wonder, as I always do, how they manage to survive the cold with their tiny little bodies. Then I thought of struggles. And life in general.  And life as it is today.   It brought to mind a poem by a woman who spent her life making block prints and poetry.  Her name was Gwen Frostic.  I don’t even know the name of the poem, but it brought to mind all of the turmoil in our country and the world.

Each swan is always a swan
with all its beauty and grace

and, the blue jay remains a jay

No turtle would try to induce
a frog  to live his way . . . .

Perhaps . . .
therein lies the secret
of peaceful coexistence

Gwen Frostic

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