What to do?

It’s a little blowy and damp out there today.  We have wet snow coming from the southeast.  It’s sticking to the windows.  It is filling up the satellite dish and making the tv channels go in and out.  Visibility is kind of invisible.

Wet snow from the southeast makes for a low visibility day in Unalaska.

We are a bit lazy today.  Still recovering from the holidays and anticipating more with Russian Christmas coming in a few days.  SP has talked his grandpa into making him a DeadMau5 head.  It is a work in progress.  Of course everything grandpa makes costs virtually nothing because the various parts and pieces come from things already used or designated for the dump pile.  Definitely a work in progress.

DeadMau5, in the works.

DeadMau5, in the works.  Simply fascinating.

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