New Page: Meanderings

Just a new page for those items that don’t fit into my other pages.

Okay, okay….my husband just said he can’t figure out how to get to meanderings.  So, look up to the top of this page, under the header.  See the tabs that say home, about, subsistence, etc.  There is a new one called Meanderings.  If you click on it, it will take you to a new page where I will put all my meandering thoughts.  It will list any articles posted, and you can click on them and read them.

Or you can just look over to your right and they are listed under pages.

That good, Caleb??

4 thoughts on “New Page: Meanderings

  1. Hey – If everything goes according to plan (yah- right!)
    Taylor & I will be down there 7/18 – 7/23. Hope to catch up with you guys, then!! Would you let Irene McGlashan know – I lost her e-mail address. Looks like we will camp at at Cora’s house.

    1. Oh that is awesome! Can’t wait to see you. I was over at Irene’s last night dropping off a couple of octopus. I’ll let her know when I go pick up my bucket.

  2. Update – Anne O’Hara & her husband, Paul, will be coming down with us. Sounds like Connie & Dave will have some room for us plus Irene said she also has room. We can’t wait to see everyone!!!!

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