Nawan Alaxsxan Ax^anan helps Unalaska celebrate MLK Day

Unalaska celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, by celebrating diversity.  In a program presented on Monday, January 18, I inadvertantly captured the Nawan Alaxsxan Ax^anan (The Unalaska Island Dancers) on video, and then did it again, and again.  Unfortunately my captures are quite unprofessional…I will have to practise.  I like totally forgot that my camera did video…hahaha…old timer!

So this is a clip of Qalngaagin, or Raven.  It was composed and choreographed by Laresa Syverson.  The unfortunate part of this clip is that I cut it off before the dance was totally complete…just a few seconds, but…  The song sings about the ravens seeking food near the beach, flying and performing in the sky, chasing each other.  Then flying toward the mountains, landing in the snow and sliding.  Just typical raven behavior!

Drummers from right to left:  Jacob Hawthorne, Nicky Hawthorne, James David Gregory.  Dancers from right to left:  Delores Gregory, instructor Laresa Syverson, Ariel Gustafson.   (Unalaskans:  After it buffers through, you can hit replay for a smooth version!)

4 thoughts on “Nawan Alaxsxan Ax^anan helps Unalaska celebrate MLK Day

  1. I love the dancers and drummers! I am sorry I had to miss the celebration this year, remembering how much I enjoyed it last year!

  2. Wow..this is very very nice. Thanks for sharing. I hope it’d be ok with you if I shared this on my facebook page. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Natasha! How are the kids? No problem about sharing it on facebook…it’s already out there on the net. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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