The madness is over….

Midnight Madness, hosted by the Grand Aleutian Hotel, has come and gone.  Hopefully, this also means an end to the endless candy madness in the house.  In the midst of trying to wrap presents to send off in the mail and making 8 kinds of chocolates, the house was a disaster.  The grandson was also “left to entertain himself.”

Results of ignoring the grandson.

At any rate, I, for once, was actually early to set up, thanks to Laresa’s help.  We had a lovely time together. 

Smirking as she eats a truffle.

And of course if you are going to be eating dark chocolate-y goodness, on the rail behind you is the requisite glass of wine – oops, it was white instead of red, ordered up to go with our delicious Cape Cheerful Ahi Burgers!

We had hand-made, by Alena! (,  wrapping  paper and cards…

Best deal in the house!

We were constantly assaulted by the smell of chocolate just wafting up from the table.  From left to right:  Walnut Nocello Truffles, Irish Creme Truffles, Rum Cherry Codials,  the bestselling Sea Salt Caramels, Kahlua Truffles, Grand Marnier Truffles, Ginger Truffles, (“to die for”),  and oops, an empty spot where the Hazelnut Truffles were to go. 

Laresa made some more of her cool and lovely fur seal pins. 

The buttons in the center are from Grandma's button box collection.

My sister Diane Svarny made an Unangan basket from Unalaska Wild Rye grass and silk embroidery thread.  Many hours went into weaving the basket, and it is beautiful with the colors she chose for the design, as well as the sheen of the grass.  And falling off the end of the table, Tugidam Ungii products – oils and salves made from the wonderful local Angelica plant – cures just about everything you can think of.  And soap made from Unalaska Sweet Grass.  My mother always tells me that if I marketed the angelica on the internet, I would be a millionaire many times over!! 

Alena! took a Rum Cherry Cordial for the road, and SP came back to refill his box of Hazelnut Truffles. 

SP- indiscriminate about hazelnut. Alena! only took the "not perfect" ones.

Mom and Dad ended up having a “date” in the Cape Cheerful Lounge, dining on the yummy fish and chips.  They came to our display for their dessert, and were the lucky recipients of the last 2 sea salt caramels. 

Enjoying an evening out.

Although it was a little warm in the cafe, probably enhanced by, ahem, hot flashes, we had a great time, especially when watching people eat the chocolate!  Thanks to CB ( ) for keeping my supply of ice water available out of the kindness of his heart!

One thought on “The madness is over….

  1. Oh man, I’m sorry I missed that – besides the box at the auction, I scored a couple sea salt caramels at Sonia’s book club meeting – they really are the cat’s meow . . . . your whole family is so very talented!

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