a brief hiatus

This brief hiatus that I have taken will have to be extended for a little more time.  I haven’t quite been able to get my head around writing lately – for a variety of reasons – visiting sister, fishing, berries (or the lack thereof), tourists and more tourists and still more tourists.  

I am taking time for family and spending precious time with friends; preparing foods for winter and getting set for the new school year.  I think I have been waiting for summer to come….Ha!  It must have been the cool moistness that fooled me.  And now that we are nearing the end of summer, the empty rivulets in the hills are surprising to me.  Where did all that moisture go? 

Enough of that. 

Picture a nice lunch.  Then all of the sudden the aunts have a thought.  06162009 012AHmmm.  Can we get a little more action out of the nephew?  06162009 011BNinja Boy!  06162009 020CAnd, what kind of look is that from mommy….Is this a glamour shot?  Is she giving the “stink-eye” to the aunts?  Or does this simply say, “I don’t know these people.  They just sat at my table.”  06162009 017D

3 thoughts on “a brief hiatus

  1. we enjoy the blog, totally understand the writer vs nonwriter in most of us

    Thanks for sharing will keep checking back


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