Lucky 13!

Laresa called me today, from the tundra, to tell me that she had just picked 12 morels!  How could she go out without me?  Then she called me after she got off work to tell me that right after she hung up from talking to me, she found another.  So the lucky 13 in all.  On a lunch break!

While our dinner was cooking (curried chicken), I ran out to one of my spots and found 3.  I had just been there yesterday.  Boy, morels have a massive growth rate!  Then after dinner, I tromped all over hell and gone and found nothing.  Caleb was with me, but working on a different project, and as we were driving home…..CALEB SPOTTED ONE WHILE HE WAS DRIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woo Hoo.  Me thinks the curse may be lifted!  As I jumped out of the car to run to the morel, I realized it was a treasure trove.  10 morels just sitting there waiting for us.  It was fun.  So, lucky 13 for us, too.

Many morels.
Many morels.

13 thoughts on “Lucky 13!

    1. Just use like any other mushroom, but they are best served by themselves, or on top of a juicy steak. It is best not to doctor them up too much, as you can overwhelm the delicious flavor of the morel.

  1. I think I used up all my good morel juju last year with my huge haul of 23 in one day…I have yet to stumble upon one this year. Good thing I was a morel miser and still have some dried and preserved.

  2. So Larz broke her bad morel Ju-Ju from Last year!!
    You know, I make a delicious Mushroom Stir-fry…..if any of you make it to 14 or so……

    1. Actually, it was Alena! who broke her bad morel ju-ju, and more than that….today she found 14!!!

  3. I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy all your words of wisdom surrounding Unalaska, food, and plants – Thank you Thank you – I just read the story you published in the Dutch Harbor Fishermen about Morels and I am so thankful because you mentioned that you need to “thump” the mushroom before picking them to ensure the spores are left. I had no idea! Even though I have yet to go morel hunting around here, it is good to know in case I stumble upon them. Thank you for that.


  4. I really enjoyed the article as well! I am making it my mission to go out and find some morels myself since my husband really likes mushrooms, I think he will like these. And, seeing as how Alena! refuses to take me morel hunting, as not to give away her sweet spots, it’ll have to be a solo mission, I guess!! 🙂

    1. Boy, I guess I trained that girl well, huh? Don’t fret, though, solo is good for your soul.

  5. I think, I broke the record last Sunday!
    I found 20 beautiful morels in a very unexpected spot, and as I was not ready for that kind of bounty, I had to take my jacket off to carry them for a couple of miles!
    I use them over potatoes.

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