Trying to look out at our gorgeous view this morning.
Trying to look out at our gorgeous view this morning.

Oh dear!  Our 11 AM fight is not looking too good right now.  I am letting Kristine sleep….maybe she won’t notice what is going on outside her door!!  We are becoming very good at creating meals out of our weirdly paired supplies.  Kristine learned a new way of fixing salmon spread.  We just added horseradish.  It was delish.  It is funny how we think about food so much over here!  And appreciate it.

The wind is not too strong.  The visibility is the problem.
The wind is not too strong. The visibility is the problem.

We’ll go for a hike today if the snow is not hitting our eyes too hard.  When we were walking Wednesday night we had to turn back because it hurt too much!  We both love walking on the boardwalk.

5 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. Good luck getting out! It is snowy here today, too. Once I was in Nikolski and the plane did not come for several days. We were upset because they went to Atka twice one day but not to Nikolski. Then I was in Atka another time and there were a bunch of us waiting for planes. I was going to be on the second one if they sent us two. They said they might go to Nikolski. I said, “NO, don’t go to Nikolski, send two planes to Atka.” Funny how your perspective changes. LOL I know what you mean about thinking about food and being creative with what you have also. I would always crave the things that I didn’t think to bring with me and those things would not be available at the store either. 🙂 Just another little adventure, right? Hope you have a good day and enjoy another stroll on the boardwalk.

    1. Oh, good. That one got Kristine rolling on the floor! We have decided we are just lolly gagging today and doing what we want. Have plans to call City Hall this afternoon – as we were visiting the Mayor, we kind of advised her that we would be back to collect her for her story if we didn’t make it back to Unalaska. We think she kind of agreed.

  2. I bet this trip is doing wonders for your standing in the challenge! Today I ate at Memphis Minnies BBQ..soooooo good!

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