What I did on Valentine’s Day…don’t get excited…it was tame!

I thought that I would sleep in and recover from making all those chocolates for the Museum’s Extravaganza, but I did have to work.  So, I drug myself out of bed, had a cuppa, finished my databasing, packed up and took off out the door.  I was also going to walk to work, but – yikes – it was a blizzard of very heavy snow out there.  So I drove…around the block and up the road.  How silly.

I got to interview Bryan Stafford about his part in offering fireworks to the Unalaska community, and facilitated a conversation between Judi Ruder and Jane Bye.  Kristine got to facilitate between Cookiedough and her daughter.

Caleb got SP and me a mandolin for Valentine's Day.
Caleb got SP and me a mandolin for Valentine's Day.

I got home about 20 minutes before my husband.  NO time for relaxing.  Hmmm.  Cooked our favorite, fast, shrimp dinner. Then fixed a plate of hand-dipped chocolates, and Alena, Laresa, Caleb and I took them and some wine over Mom’s and Dad’s and had some good conversation.  Laresa and Dad went over some family information so that she can try to find Svarny relatives when she goes on her trip to Slovakia next fall.  We discovered that Dad’s parents were listed as Bohemians on his birth certificate.  (Now I understand my kids more.)  We ate some excellent smoked king salmon that Mom and Dad made in October (!) in their smoke house.

A great Valentine’s Day!

I signed up for Unalaska’s Biggest Winner today.  You all have until 6 PM to get down to PCR and sign up.    Or call Alena or Char at the Wellness Center next week.  The phone number is 581-2742.

One thought on “What I did on Valentine’s Day…don’t get excited…it was tame!

  1. It’s my Gypsy roots that make my mind wander, and my Unangan roots that keep me grounded. I’m so going to start wearing hippy skirts and hair scarves.

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