Carnivorous plants in Unalaska.
Carnivorous plants in Unalaska.

So this is just one of the carnivorous plants that you can find in Unalaska.  The teensy, tiny little Sundew.  You typically find these plants perched on top of its host plant, a mound of sphagnum moss, in very moist, wet areas.  It eats bugs that it traps,  kind of like the Venus Fly Trap.  The Unangax used the plant to relieve nausea.

I am having a bit of trouble readjusting my schedule after having added the Unalaska Biggest Winner to my plate.  Blogging was the loser for a couple of days.  I am working it out.

7 thoughts on “Readjusting

  1. I didn’t know we had carnivorous plants here! Don’t you need go on some hikes and let me tag along to see this stuff 🙂
    Alena never eats, how are we to compete with that??! I like food!

    1. Oh, we’ll go on some hikes to study the local flora and fauna – but lets wait til the plants start sprouting!!! We’ll really have to plan them out so that we know where we want to end up so we can march gustily along, instead of meandering through the tundra with our heads down looking for plants.

  2. I love these! We have some good photos of them as well. Sharon, one of my friends teaches at U of Mississippi and has proposed to bring a class here in August. If they get enough students to hold the class, can we arrange for you to spend some time with them? It will be the first week of August, so not sure if that will be the same time as Camp Q or not. I’d love for them to be exposed to your expertise! Thanks!

  3. I’ve heard there used to be a medicinal plant class taught out here – any idea who teaches and if it might happen again? I would love to go! I had no idea we had Sundew out here, thanks for posting! Cheers, steve

    1. That would be me. I sometimes do a class through the University – we’ll see what their scheduling is like. Late spring is a good time, as you get to identify all the plants when they are young – the hardest time. But fall is also good because then you get to sample all the berries!

      I am amazed that a simple blog can bring people with common interests in contact with each other!

  4. Thanks, that would be amazing for them! I will keep you posted if the class “makes” or not. They have to have at least 10 students, I think, and with the price of airfare, etc. I am not sure if they will get enough takers. But they want to do a lot of historical/cultural activities while they are here.

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