A food blogger, I’m not.

So I’m getting ready for the 2nd Annual Chocolate Extravaganza at the Museum of the Aleutians, tonight, beginning at 7 PM.  I still have 8  tickets left.  If you want one I will hold it at the door for you.  Let me know.

I keep forgetting to take pictures of my concoctions as I am preparing them.  I think of the camera as I am putting the finished product into a container.    I love food blogs (actually I am addicted to cookbooks if you really want to know the truth) and I really like to see the process that people go through when they blog about making a recipe.  Not doing to good on that front.

Tonight I am bringing three types of hand-dipped chocolates to donate to the Museum.  Some of them will be put on the table to eat immediately, but I would imagine that most of them will be for the Museum to sell to raise funds.   Included will be Sea Salt Caramels, Cherry Cordials, and Grand Marnier Truffles.   Oh,  maybe candied orange peels dipped in chocolate, if I have time to dip them.

Grand Marnier truffles drying, prior to enrobing and decorating.
Grand Marnier truffles drying, prior to enrobing and decorating.

I always want my stuff to be fresh, so it seems I am always down to the wire timewise.  I will definitely have to work on that issue.

If I was a real food blogger, I would have shown you the ingredients in the pot on the stove, the mixture bubbling its way to 257 degrees, the cut pieces of caramel, the almost always messy job of dipping, and definitely, the sea salt sprinkle at the end.  But alas…

The caramel setting up.
The caramel setting up.
Sea salt caramels in the box and ready to go.
Sea salt caramels in the box and ready to go.

So I have got to get going.  I know that Annabelle Wilt, Linda Ellsworth, AB Rankin, Denise Rankin, Debra Mack, Kristine King, Shawn Dickson, Laresa Syverson, Zoya Johnson, Bai Kirkland and her friend Leah, and  Chris and Wendy Hladick are bringing something chocolate-y.  Actually, Laresa is bring her homemade gingerale to help clear the palate.   I know there are others out there making something delicious.  Hope to see you all there.

2 thoughts on “A food blogger, I’m not.

  1. Yummy! I can’t wait! I just love the taste of chocolate, caramel and sea salt–what a perfect combo. You could definitely be a food blogger, just keep that camera at the ready. 🙂 My hubby shares your addiction to cookbooks. I believe he received three more in the mail this week. I think his philosophy is that one can never have too many cookbooks. 🙂 See you tonight.

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