Geese….yum, yum!

Laresa and I decided to go for a walk on the spit yesterday.  Imagine our surprise to come across a beach full – and I mean BEACH FULL – of geese.  We actually went down there to see if the otters were still hanging out.  Yes, they were, but I didn’t have a zoom lens with me.  You can see them hanging out there in the distance.    Laresa and I were thinking these geese would be really easy to get to the table.  We contemplated a bola, a net, Laresa’s awesome arm –  armed with a rock (ask the ptarmigan), but decided the geese were acting a little too friendly to just take them to dinner without giving them a chance to decline!

7 thoughts on “Geese….yum, yum!

  1. Emperor Geese! A bit on the small side, but probably still tasty.

    We missed it in person but we got to see the re-broadcast on Channel 8 of Father Oleska’s speech and the performance by Nawan Alaxsxan Axanan at the Multicultural Celebration – you must be so proud of Laresa! Great to finally meet you tonight, thanks for making us feel comfortable. Cheers!

    1. Thanks. I am very proud of Laresa, and Alena, and Scott. I am so lucky to be reaping the benefits of those precious elements you commented on – time and effort. I think I feel about my kids the way you feel about yours. It was great getting to meet you and your lovely wife.

    1. Thanks. So do you know our wonderful MAP agent in Unalaska? If not, look him up. He is awol until May, up at UAF doing his doctorate. I peeked at your blog, and will definitely have to put aside some time to browse. It looks extremely interesting!

  2. Would that be Reid Brewer? I don’t know him. I’m in wildlife, and I work on large game and some predators. Our groups don’t mix much at UAF, for whatever dumb reason. I might have crossed paths and not known it.

    1. Yes, that would be him. You are so funny…I have come across the absence of crossing over agency lines and understand it completely!

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