A gorgeous day…

I went outside to take a shot of the harbor and the sky because the blue was such an awesome color, hiding the white mountains from view.  I ended up taking a series – almost 360 degrees.  I love that we can see snow squalls coming and going, and still have that bright object shining down on us.   One of the important Unangan values is don’t talk bad about the weather, or the sun, the moon, or the stars.  As if.  Weather is what makes us so unique – learning how to live in and with it; learning to love it.  Being exhilarated by it!! 

7 thoughts on “A gorgeous day…

    1. When I am sitting inside recording for StoryCorps, it always seems like it is awesome outside. Today I was lucky in that I actually remembered my camera on the way to the Senior Center, and got the shots off. I forgot to post the shots of Tiva, The Real Unalaska’s mascot. I am Tiva’s grandma, and have the pleasure of taking responsibility for both Tiva and the wolf boy while the real one is at work!

  1. Lucky Tiva and Wolf Boy! And lucky you to have them here…I would love to have my grandkids nearby (okay, and maybe my grand-dogs, too, though there are 5 of them amongst all the kids–that could be a little crazy!)

    Oh, it’s so annoying to be stuck inside on a pretty day!

  2. Storycorps was so much fun! I could have talked for hours. I’m so glad you are doing that project.

    Here’s a shout out to the rest of the bloggers and readers…you MUST go in and record your stories. It’s so easy! Call Sharon or Kristine and get with it!

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