tell your story. pass it on.

Kristine setting up for the StoryCorps Kick-off.
Kristine setting up for the StoryCorps Kick-off.

Since 2003, more than 35,000 everday people have shared life stories with family and friends in StoryCorps booths across the nation.  With a generous donation from an anonymous source, the Alaska Initiative has  made it possible for you to participate in one of the largest oral history projects undertaken.  The generous donor chose Unalaska, Dillingham, Nome, and Barrow to host facilitators.  Fairbanks and Juneau will also be documented by the facilitators from the 4 towns.

Meet your Unalaska facilitators.

Kristine King and Sharon Svarny-Livingston.
Kristine King and Sharon Svarny-Livingston.

This is a throwdown to all Unalaska bloggers and blog followers to pick up that phone and call Kristine at 359-8016 to schedule an appointment for your story.  The Real Unalaska has already conversed with her sister.  And word on the street is that she is bringing her cousin in on Saturday!

What happens at StoryCorps,  you ask?  alena-paperworklaresa-paperworkYou come in with a friend or family member.  You fill out paperwork so that we can create a great database for your story.  You have a 40 minute conversation with your partner about whatever you want to talk about.  We record.

Sharon checks the  mics before recording Sam & Caleb.
Sharon checks the mics before recording Sam & Caleb.

We ask you to sign a release so your story can be archived at the Library of Congress, the University of Alaska, and also locally, both at KUCB, and either the Library or the Museum;  the release also allows NPR, APRN, and KUCB to edit the recordings for short stories to air.  We take your picture to archive with the CD.  We present you with a professional recording of your story.  It takes about an hour.zoya-and-sharon

Alena and Laresa talked about their art and growing up in Unalaska.  Sam talked to his son-in-law, Caleb, about being a veteran of 3 wars.  And although Zoya was totally tricked into coming in for a conversation with me, she had a great time and is very glad to have participated because she has something tangible to give to her children that tells them, perhaps, some things about her that they haven’t talked about.

tell your story.  pass it on.  it’s free!

11 thoughts on “tell your story. pass it on.

  1. Its true, I’m going for round two with Char! Story Corps is definatly a project for anybody and everybody to participate in. If you think you don’t have 40 minutes of conversation in you, you’ll be surprised about what can come up. Although, I was surprised that our conversation, for the first time ever, didn’t include any poo references.

  2. Okay, Kristine has asked me a couple of times so I will take the challenge and get going on it! I think it’s a great project. Thanks for the reminder and for the work you are doing!

    1. What? You have all those good kid stories, not to mention your perfect cupboards, work-related shenanigans, and school board stories! Plus, I’m sure your husband could relate a few tales about subsistence fishing and some mighty interesting job tales.

  3. I love Kristine like a sister, work with her husband, and adore Max, but after getting the hard sell a couple times I still can’t think of someone on the island to interview! I’m kinda shy ya know!

  4. Funny, Steve, I figured you knew Joe and Kristine and Max after I learned where you worked–I kept meaning to ask. She and I used to work together at PCR a couple of years ago. Everything is connected, especially on a small island. 🙂

    Sharon, this is a great way to spread the word and get people signed up!

  5. Kristine, find your story telling exciting! I am Jane’s mom and she sent your info to me. I am doing something similiar just for the family. Good luck with your project.

    1. Thanks! I’ll pass on the comment to Kristine. We are having so much fun being a part of StoryCorps. I am glad you are planning to document your stories.


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