Four +.

10:15 PM

As I get older, time always seems to be quickening. Where did that week go? How can it be the end of March already when the last time I posted was right after Thanksgiving? I guess I am lucky that I stay busy and time does not drag on. It is always exciting to move into the longer days of spring and summer when my days are expanded by the light. More time to work. More time to play. I really never realize how fast four minutes per day can add up until I take a shot with my camera and realize it is after 10 PM and my camera is prompting me to turn on the flash, which I don’t do out sheer obstinance.

5 thoughts on “Four +.

  1. So nice to see snow on the mountain tops when down here in Washington some of ours are unnaturally bare. We’re also seeing the days lengthen and lighten, the temperatures rise. And waiting on the rains which have not made as much of an appearance as they should.

    1. The snow is melting pretty swiftly from the mountains. We have one gorgeious day, followed by a monsoon day, followed by snow, etc. Laresa and I did sit out on her porch with our eyes closed yesterday, soaking up the vitamin D.

  2. Time seems to be quickening for me too! I’ve missed your posts and I’m happy to see this one. Beautiful photo — Would love to see your part of the world someday in the spring.

  3. I understand full well how you feel about time moving ever faster,
    and do welcome your absent words
    hoping you know
    they always hit their mark.

    1. I’ve had a hard time writing lately. Hopefully I’m coming out of my funk. Thank you, Pete. Encouraging words.

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