My early present from the girls and SP….


I think my girls were a little surprised by my trepidation of getting on a bike again after all these years!  But the seat is a bit too high.  A little cajoling did the trick.  I rode down the street with SP on his bike and when Caleb gets home, I will have him adjust the seat.  I’m sure I can do it myself, but what the heck! 

Perhaps this will do the trick in getting off the nasty Prednisone surprise I so graciously added this winter. 

Secretly, I was contemplating a bike.  Thanks, Alena and Laresa and SP!

4 thoughts on “My early present from the girls and SP….

  1. Now that is a sweet bike!

    You need to get one of them recharging headlights. It actually runs off the front tire movement. It is a small gadget attachment and has a programable light display. Flashing, blinking, winking, various degrees of general lumination…

    By the way, those fenders totally rock.

    OK, back to fixing lunch…

    1. Maybe I’ll get one of those headlights so that I can ride at night until I am all svelt, hahaha!

    1. When SP and I went for a ride this afternoon, I ended up walking the bike back ’cause Alena aired up the tires, but not to the correct amount. I thought it was a little tough going!

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