Beautiful days and nights…

We have had some absolutely gorgeous days leading up to the beginning of the school year…and, of course, positively gorgeous after school started!  The family has been busy fishing, hiking, picking berries, and just exploring.  It is nice chumming around with four generations. 

83 year old Sam Svarny, after hiking up in Pyramid Valley.

I think SP appreciates all the fun things the island has to offer.  He certainly has a good time and is way beyond the whining stage, having just started 3rd grade. 

75 years younger, SP enjoys a wade at Summer Bay.

In our search for ripe salmonberries, Diane, Mom, and I enjoyed hot days on Pyramid and  cool ones at Humpy Cove.  It seemed that I was always catching Diane in the act of taking pictures. 

Diane and I spent much time trying to get pictures of flying ravens.
Gert at Humpy Cove, enjoying a day of beach walking and berry picking.

After laughing ourselves silly over our inability to tell if we were actually getting any shots of the ravens, (note Diane wearing her reading glasses trying to see the screen), I got a shot of two playing.  Really, though,  you can barely see them. 

You can never get tired of watching raven antics.

I love to wade through the grass at this time of year.  The numbers of wildflowers always surprises me, even though I know most of them.  I think of the environment that they survive in and I just have to shake my head in wonder. 

Bog candle.

There is nothing quite like a sunny day in the Aleutians.  The blue skies and a few scattered clouds act as a backdrop for the brilliant green hills and the craggy mountain peaks. 


And then there are the nights…..

3 thoughts on “Beautiful days and nights…

  1. OMG – these pics etc… makes me so “homesick” for Dutch Harbor!!! I sure hope Taylor & I pull off an Alaska trip next summer for her graduation present but am afraid will get there and not want to leave!!

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