Gracious tea parties are alive and well….

…in Unalaska, thanks to the most gracious of hosts, Zoya Johnson.   We spent a wonderful afternoon filled with delicious food, blooming tea, and great conversation and laughter in honor of Bailey Kirkland and Leizel Esnardo.  Bailey had just celebrated her 21st birthday, and – good grief – had it already been four months since Leizel’s 21st?  Time sure does fly when you are not looking. 

Zoya puts the finishing touches on the table set for tea.
The famous Zoya cake - many layers of goodness.

And what is a party without presents?  Bailey is one of those slow, meticulous unwrappers.  You know, the kind that drives you crazy so that you just want to rip the paper for her! 

 We all had a good laugh when Leizel opened up my present to her, after she had just told a story about receiving a cookbook from her brother and how she vowed never to use it! 

Graciously accepting another cookbook!

I highly recommend taking the time for friends and tea, and look forward to the many more to come.  Especially the ones in the greenhouse!

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