Good Friday

I think today will be really busy, so I am going to do a quick post now, before we are rolling too quickly through the day.  Today is Good Friday.  Which means we will have a service at 2 PM and one at 6 PM.  The church should be pretty full today at 2, as there is no school today.  I will be making some bread and baked salmon to take over to my mother’s for dinner.  I also need to check to see if the store has any baby’s breath to fill out the flower arrangements at the church.

Rolling back into our old routine, SP came over for breakfast.  He chose to eat one of those cereals he hardly ever gets because they are so disgusting…Lucky Charms. 

Breakfast as usual.
Breakfast as usual.

And guess who is not letting him far from her sight?  You guessed it – Teva. 


Now we just need it to be a teensy bit warmer outside for the Easter egg hunt on Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Good Friday

    1. I am, but I do have one I have only seen once…my grandson Evan. He lives with his parents in Idaho, and was able to spend 3 weeks there when he was born, but pictures have had to suffice since then. A visit is needed.

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