Othodox Easter, plus SP and Alena coming home!

We are fast approaching, by the Julian calendar, the day we proclaim Christ is Risen.  The mysteries of the Julian calendar never fail to confuse me.  But I love using it for our orthodox services.  Alaska is actually the only diocese in the US who continues to use the Julian calendar.  The calendar was introduced by Julius Ceasar, in 46 BC, and revised, most recently, in 1923.  Probably more than you wanted to know.

We have been celebrating presanctified lenten services this week, and this morning we had our last lenten service.  Father Jonah announced it with such joy, that I felt like leading the parishoners in a cheer.  AJ Bereskin, our choir leader, laughingly noted that now that she finally has the lenten tones down pat, we are done with them.

Choir leader AJ Bereskin during one of her few moments of relaxation.
Choir leader AJ Bereskin during one of her few moments of relaxation.

Choir leaders and readers in our church have to be extremely dedicated to their jobs.  As an example, this week we have had services at 9 AM each morning and at 6 PM each evening.  Heaven help the rest of us if the choir leader and readers don’t show up!  I am in total awe of the amount of work that is required.

And WOO HOO.  SP and Alena are due home tomorrow.  SP had his final checkup with the doc, and the doc says everything is healing up great from his surgery.  Everybody do a dance for good flying weather.  They are due on the 5 PM flight.

4 thoughts on “Othodox Easter, plus SP and Alena coming home!

  1. That’s a lot of dancing for one day…but I can do that for “Bossy” Cute pic of AJ..she looks like Kathy, I don’t see it so much in person, but really do in the picture!

    Happy Easter!

  2. We are so ready to come home and sleep in our own beds…well, at least I am…SP doesn’t like sleeping in his own bed. I know I’m praying for good weather and a flight that makes it home, but SP discovered ice skating at the Diamond Center today and never wants to leave. I could not believe it, he literally put on skates for the first time and took off like he was born in them.

    Sorry Mom, didn’t find any baby’s breath today but I’ll get up early and try a few more stores, the carrs on northern lights was all out (although, they had boquets of roses with it…hmmm…jerks).

    1. Alena and SP made it in on the 3:30. Actually landed early due to a tail wind. Hopefully you’ll have one too, for a speedy, safe trip. See you soon.

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