We’re Home!

Just a quick update. Kristine and I went to the community potluck last night and enjoyed the company and the wide variety of food.  I think we ate a little too much.  It was wonderful.  Vera Pelkey’s fish pie was delicious.  April made some great corn muffins (we got to swipe a few for our breakfast this morning) and a beautiful angel food cake with salmonberry glaze.  Plus, many other dishes.  Our offering was salmon spread with crackers, and tangerines and apples.  Needless to say, our tummies and taste buds were quite satisfied.

We got a call a 8:30 this morning from Demetri Tcheripanoff, Sr. that Penair was planning to have a plane over before 10.  We hauled our luggage down to the boardwalk, Demetri picked it up with the four wheeler.  I must say, Kristine must have a really lop-sided idea about flying in the Goose.  Both the trip over and the trip back were on flawless days.  The water was glassy smooth again!  We landed in Dutch Harbor (yes, the water) and had Kristine home by 10:30 to see Maxman, Joe, and Mamma for Easter.

Great trip.  Wonderful people in Akutan.  Good to be home.  So far my hubbie is happy!

10 thoughts on “We’re Home!

    1. Qag^aasukung! Thank you. Alas, about the wine tasting – I have church service at 11:30 PM to celebrate Easter. Russian Orthodoxy, this year, is a week behind your Easter, as we, in Alaska, follow the Julian calendar. I don’t think it would be appreciated if I came with wine on my breath!

  1. Glad to hear that both of you were able to make it home this morning! We had about 5 flights, then around 4PM the weather went to crap, so your lucky to have made it out, must have been praying hard enough!

    Happy you were able to attend the small potluck last night at Trident’s church! (I wish there was a little more food, but Marylil just decided on doing this Monday night and put the posters up on Tuesday, so the word didn’t quiet make it around quick enough for more people to bring stuff). I was happy to bring what I could, glad to hear you had some of those corn muffins for breakfast!

    I had a great time doing story corps with you and Kristine, and it was a pleasure having you overe here in my home town! I hope you had a great time!

    PS called you for steam bath one night but we couldn’t find you. We heard you might have been out with Eva… so maybe next time! 😀

    Much luv,
    ~April Dawn~

    1. oh yeah… happy American Easter….(criss-tos-vos-criss next week!) If I get cans I’m gonna try to send some Kulich over on the ferry. I am debating whether or not we’re going to go or not – I have to see if I can bring my little ones, I wouldn’t leave them home for nothing!

      ~April Dawn~

    2. LOL! We did go for a beer one night with Eva. We thought maybe they would serve peanuts! I jokes!!!! Man, I am sorry I missed the steam. We left you notes from both Kristine and I in the big room, plus the tangerines and apples, a whole loaf of bread, some of the Easter chocolates, etc. Call us if you come over. I am in the phone book, under Caleb’s name. Love you April Dawn Pelkey!!

  2. Glad you guys made it home! Happy Easter Kristine and family and what April said to you Sharon for next week!

    1. You’d better tell your hubby, Kristine aimed her camera at the Stimson and the Gyrfalcon as we were going by for our harbor landing and snapped pictures!! LMAO.

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