Happy Birthday Alena!

If I wasn’t away from home, I could post a picture of you from when you were born.  Three hours from the first labor pain to your arrival.  You slept through the night immediately.  In fact you went to bed at 7 PM and didn’t wake up until 9AM.  You were my most mellow child.  And so cute.  And a girl!!  I was the only sister out of 4, who got to have girls.


Birthday greetings, also from Kristine.  She says to tell you, you are looking pretty good for 30!!!!  I say that you will probably be carded until you are in your 50’s if you play your cards right.  You know how good your grandmother looks.  So have fun today, don’t over do it…….and…..MANY MORE!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alena!

  1. Happy birthday Alena! Welcome to what Goldfish calls “The Dirty Thirties” – no, I have no idea what she means either, let me know if you figure it out . . . .

    1. Kristine and I are contemplating a contest about the meaning, sitting here side by side, waiting for the noon update.

  2. Happy Birthday, Alena! What a mellow baby you were! What happened?! LOL Sharon and Kristine, hope you get home soon!

    My siblings and I have 16 kids amongst us and only three of them are BOYS. More girls than we know what to do with! When my first grandchild arrived, a boy, my three daughters and I all looked at each other like, “what do we do with him?”

    1. That is so funny. With four girls in the family, that is what my mom and I said about my first born – the first of 7 grandsons. “Only, I think we said “What do we do with that?”

  3. Happy Birthday Alena….although I swear she’s told me SEVERAL times she’s 25 today…or was it 27???
    Certainly not 30 she’s NEVER mentioned THAT number 🙂

  4. Thank you everybody! I was a little dissappointed yesterday since NOBODY called me to wish me a happy birthday. My brother called me this morning though and I got to hear my nephew’s first experience with pop-rocks over the phone.

    1. I blogged for your birthday. I was otherwise too busy laughing with Kristine and planning contests and looking for food.

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