Happy 2013!!!

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Cousins….cool cousins with their ultra cool New Year hats from the Grand Aleutian Hotel. Awaiting midnight.
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Bubbly at the ready.
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A pretty amazing show put on by the the City of Unalaska!
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Love being able to watch the show from my driveway!
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12312012 011a We had the birthday cake and cupcakes for the two New Year Birthday babies.
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Happy Birthday! Happy New Year!!

Already, the year is so old??

Stunning firewords compliments of the City of Unalaska!

Good grief, time flies.  I really need to get past living from holiday to holiday, event to event, and meeting to meeting.  It blurs all those good days in between!

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, celebrating not only the new year, but, of course, the birthdays of my mother, Gert Svarny, who welcomed her 81st year with perfect grace, and my husband, Caleb, who grumpily acknowledges his birthday each year.  Of course, if a big deal was not made of it, I am sure he would be totally disappointed!!

So every year, I debate the great cake question….what kind of cakes this year?  I settled on a cheesecake with a nut crust, enrobed in chocoate and served over a strawberry coulis, plus an incredibly dense chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.  To tie them together, each had orange in them and were sprinkled with orange zest.

Crazy, dense chocolate cake.

The chocolate cake was so heavy, (literally, I could not carry it with one hand) I was really afraid to cut into it and serve it.  But, thank god, it was absolutely delicious.  I believe I have found the perfect cake for the Chocolate Extravaganza!

Pirates invaded the party at about 11:45.

As we get older, we joke about being able to stay awake until midnight!  We have devised a schedule to help us out….a late dinner at 8 PM, socializing and drinking(!), then, started for the kids several years ago, we play our “traditional” New Year’s Bingo games with great prizes of things mom wants to get rid of!!  At 11:45 things start to ball up….getting the champagne ready, watching the ball drop, toasting the new year in, running outside to watch the fireworks, coming back inside for a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday, eating cake and opening presents!  By the time this is all done, it is usually about 1:30AM.

And so, with a great start for 2011, here’s hoping your year will be filled with happiness and prosperity.  If not that, at least have some fun!

My Dad, my sister, and my grandson.

Dad, second from left, and Diane, next to Dad, are joined by Caleb and Mom as they watched SP on the front beach this summer.
Dad, second from left, and Diane, next to Dad, are joined by Caleb and Mom as they watched SP on the front beach this summer.

Every year, I travel to Anchorage in October to facilitate the Village Seminar for the Aleut Corporation.  The meetings are usually held on Thursday and Friday in the 3rd week of October.  If my Mom and Dad fly  in early, I miss Dad’s birthday.  If my sister, Diane, flys up from the lower 48, we celebrate their birthdays together.  (That one doesn’t happen very often.)  There has been one static for the past 7 years….I miss my grandson’s birthday. 

Me and SP, day 3.
Me and SP, day 3.

I suppose having been in the room when he was born should count for many years of missed days.  Especially when you take into account what my daughter told me to do to myself  at 4:30 am, after she had been in labor for 37 hours!  (She ended up laboring for 47 hours, I do believe.  I have forgotten, although I am certain she has not.)  And having him in my hotel room on  his first birthday, stark naked on a sheet, indulging in a decadant chocolate first birthday cake (him, not me) counts also. 

A 'man-cake'!
A 'man-cake'!

I feel extreme guilt when I see the picture of him on his second birthday…his mom was also in Anchorage that year, and SP was home with Grandpa.  Caleb, the wonderman, put a candle in the shape of the number 2 on top of a box of animal crackers.  That was SP’s birthday cake!  He did let SP blow out the candle numerous times…something that they both were very excited about.  I was really excited when Mom said we would have a second little party for him when we got home this year.  Was I ever surprised to find out that, being the last one to fly in a mere 3 days after everyone else, they had the party for him 2 nights before I got home!!  What the hell?? 

So, to break the silence of my blog, I want to wish my Dad, Sam, 83, my sister, Diane, 52,  and my grandson, SP, 8, many, many years.