Unangan Values

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(could not get pdf file to load…where ever you see a g^ or an x^, the cap is supposed to be over the letter.  I will keep trying to figure it out.)

Eastern Unangan translations by Moses L. Dirks






Txin anguynix^tag^ulux.

Don’t be boastful.

Agitaasitxin ix^amnaasada.

Be kind to other people.

Agitaasiin sismida.

Help others.

Tuman tanax^  agliisaax^tan.

Take care of the land.

Tuman alag^ux^  agliisaax^tan.

Take care of the sea/ocean.

Tuman taangax^  agliisaax^txin.

Take care of the water.

Manachin ilam axtalakan agliisaachin.

Do not do anything to excess.

drummingTxin ugutada.

Be happy.

Ig^ayuux^txin, anag^im atxag^ingin agachan madada.

Do the things you know are right.


Don’t steal.


Don’t lieyarrow.

Ludakiimin axtax samtaaxtxin.

Respect Elders, including parents, teachers and community.

Agitaasiin samtasaax^txin.

Respect your peers.


Be strong.

Agitaasiin matanangin imin gidug^iisalagaax^txin.

Don’t be envious of what belongs to another.

Ang^ag^ix^  ix^amanax^  ix^talix kayux

ix^amanax^  atxax^talix manaa imin ugutaasalix aax^txin.

Admire one who does well by honest means.

Maamin ix^tanatxin madada.

Don’t make promises quickly, but keep those you make.

Ang^ag^iisanatxin ang^ag^im agitaasingin agachan liidalix ang^ag^iisada.

Live like you want people to see you live.


Don’t be greedy.

Slax^,  ag^adax^,  tugidax^,  kayux sdan tunum manginulux kugan ig^adg^ulux.

Don’t talk bad about the weather beach danceor the sun, the moon, or the stars.

Agitaasaan adaan tunum ix^amnanginulux ig^adg^ulux.

Don’t slander another person.

Kadaan axtaag^anax^txin.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Adux^tanaan akidada.

Pay your debts.

Qaqamiig^ux^  qalgadam ukulganaa ngiin ugutaasakun.

Subsistence is sustenance for the life.

Tunuun ugunux^talakan ang^ag^iix^txin.

Don’t forget your Unangan language.



2 thoughts on “Unangan Values

  1. Hello Moses.

    My name is Penny Panlener and I create publications for APICDA here in Anchorage. I found this wonderful resource of yours and would like to refer to it and use some words in our monthly staff newsletter when appropriate.

    We have the Unangan font and will use the accent on g and x as indicated.

    Many thanks,

    –Penny at 929-5273 ext. 207

    1. Penny – My name is not Moses, but Moses did produce the Unangam tunuu document on our Unangan Values. It is a widely used document in the Aleutian Region and there is no problem with you utilizing it. I have been very remiss in updating my blog and hope to get back into it now that subsistence activities have slowed down.

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