Happy 2013!!!

12312012 017a
Cousins….cool cousins with their ultra cool New Year hats from the Grand Aleutian Hotel. Awaiting midnight.
12312012 012a
Bubbly at the ready.
12312012 048a
A pretty amazing show put on by the the City of Unalaska!
12312012 096a
Love being able to watch the show from my driveway!
12312012 065a
12312012 011a We had the birthday cake and cupcakes for the two New Year Birthday babies.
12312012 102a
Happy Birthday! Happy New Year!!

Matter of Fact 2

The older you get, the faster time flies.  My mother, Gert Svarny, has been saying that to me for years.  She also has added over the years “Wait until you’re 60.”  Or, “Wait until you’re 70.”  Then it was “Wait until you’re 80 and you’ll see how fast time whips by you.”  You would think that living in a small, remote city between the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean would mean that time would just forget about you.  Or at least drag by slowly.  But it doesn’t.

Since my last blog post in February of 2011 (!!!) much has happened.  All of the ordinary stuff, of course, like holidays, birthdays, spring, fishing, berry picking, and teaching.  I’m still making medicinal products from plants.  I most certainly am still creating chocolates.  I almost killed myself last winter trying to dig us out of the most never-ending snow of winter.  We grew our Aleutian potatoes again this year.  A couple of milestones this year were my son marrying his love, my youngest daughter going back to school, my Dad turning 86, my oldest grandson entering 5th grade, helping mom, dad, and Caleb replace part of the foundation of mom’s and dad’s house, my sister and nephews moving to Anchorage, my husband losing his gall bladder, my daughter losing her appendix, and me stopping my consumption of wHeat.

Mom and Dad hosted the most rip roaring Christmas Eve party again this year, and to give ourselves a break, Mom and I decided that instead of the New Year’s Eve double birthday extravaganza that we usually have, we are all going out to dinner!  We’ll have some appetizers at the folks, go to dinner, come home to watch the midnight fireworks, and cut into 2 birthday cakes – one for my husband, Caleb, and the other for my mother who will turn 57 and 83 on January 1st.

See?  We are trying to slow things down.  We want to have more time to enjoy each other.  More time to work on art.  And, darn it, we are going to go on more picnics this summer!  Even if it means a menu of crackers, cheese, and olives.

12282012 008a

So my mantra for the coming new year is to simplify.  And to look as good as my mother when I reach the age of 83!  And fie on time flying.

Already, the year is so old??

Stunning firewords compliments of the City of Unalaska!

Good grief, time flies.  I really need to get past living from holiday to holiday, event to event, and meeting to meeting.  It blurs all those good days in between!

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, celebrating not only the new year, but, of course, the birthdays of my mother, Gert Svarny, who welcomed her 81st year with perfect grace, and my husband, Caleb, who grumpily acknowledges his birthday each year.  Of course, if a big deal was not made of it, I am sure he would be totally disappointed!!

So every year, I debate the great cake question….what kind of cakes this year?  I settled on a cheesecake with a nut crust, enrobed in chocoate and served over a strawberry coulis, plus an incredibly dense chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.  To tie them together, each had orange in them and were sprinkled with orange zest.

Crazy, dense chocolate cake.

The chocolate cake was so heavy, (literally, I could not carry it with one hand) I was really afraid to cut into it and serve it.  But, thank god, it was absolutely delicious.  I believe I have found the perfect cake for the Chocolate Extravaganza!

Pirates invaded the party at about 11:45.

As we get older, we joke about being able to stay awake until midnight!  We have devised a schedule to help us out….a late dinner at 8 PM, socializing and drinking(!), then, started for the kids several years ago, we play our “traditional” New Year’s Bingo games with great prizes of things mom wants to get rid of!!  At 11:45 things start to ball up….getting the champagne ready, watching the ball drop, toasting the new year in, running outside to watch the fireworks, coming back inside for a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday, eating cake and opening presents!  By the time this is all done, it is usually about 1:30AM.

And so, with a great start for 2011, here’s hoping your year will be filled with happiness and prosperity.  If not that, at least have some fun!