Museum/Marine Advisory Lecture Series, LSA…Out and about.

It has been way too nice outside the past couple of days.  Sitting at the computer seems almost sacreligious! 

Last evening the spouse and I attended one of the first talks of spring, hosted by the Museum of the Aleutians and the UAF Marine Advisory Program.  Museum lecture aReid Brewer, recently returned from Fairbanks, was welcomed by Zoya Johnson,  the Executive Director of the Museum.  Museum2Reid has been out of town since winter working on his Phd, and since we all missed him so much – here he is again.  (Sarah – he has kind of a sunburn that he got up on the hill yesterday!)  Museum 3Reid introduced Carin Ashjian, Woods Hole Oceanography Institute, who gave a presentation on the research being conducted in the eastern Bering Sea ecosystem from 2007-2012.  The study is being funded by the North Pacific Research Board and the National Science Foundation.  It was a full  house and an interesting update on the work the team is doing.  They are being hosted by the USCG icebreaker Healy. 

Then we went to check out the progress – finally – being made on the small boat harbor project at Little South America.  LSA 1

Ballyhoo was our next stop.  Ballyhoo 2

Just wandering around to see what we could see.

An invite to an EXTRAVAGANZA and an update on the first and second graders…

We are preparing for the 2nd Annual Chocolate Extravaganza at the Museum of the Aleutians.  The event will be held on Friday evening, February 13.  Tickets are available at the Museum, or from members of the Board of Directors.  Those members are:  Kristine King, Chris Hladick, Denise Rankin, Patty Gregory, and Sharon Svarny-Livingston.  If you are so inclined, bring a chocolate concoction to the extravaganza to show your support, expertise,  and for others to enjoy.   I am bringing a couple of items,  including cherry cordials.   Come mingle with friends, meet new friends, and indulge yourself with all the chocolate you could possibly imagine.  I have heard that there may even be chocolate items for sale that you can take with you to help celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Get those tickets before they are sold out.cherry-cordials

Unangan Program Update

The first and second graders finished up the Unangan design portion of the Unangan After School Program.  practiceThey learned about Unangan design from Gert Svarny and after setting up their design and practicing, they implemented their plans and each created a chaayax, or rattle, made from clams.  Or two, or three.3-chaayax



Both classes were quite large, with over 25 students in each class.   Gert and I would like to thank Pat Ellis, Chet Higa, Mary Downs, and especially Ciera, for all their help.

It was a crazy madhouse at times!!  If you get a chance, visit the elementary school as all of the projects from the Unangan classes are on display in the entrance lobby.

Hope everyone watched and supported Channel 8 during their fundraising auction.