What I miss the most.


Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis my life has become one big puzzle about what, when, and how my immune system has already been and is still being impacted.  Suffice it to say, it sucks.  No longer included in my diet are wheat and soy.  Never do I use processed foods.  I make my own ghee so that I can have butter.  I should eat only organic foods, but living in the Aleutian Islands makes that nearly impossible.  I think holidays are probably the times when I really miss certain foods.  I think the one thing that I miss the most is my mother’s Easter bread, or what we call kulich , made for our Orthodox Easter.  I am honestly going to try to make it with gluten free flour one of these years.  I just have to prepare myself for what may be utter failure and a waste of resources.

Pet Peeve

I have a really silly pet peeve. Silly because there is absolutely nothing I can do to remedy the situation. And silly because it makes no difference if the situation is remedied. I’ve noticed, that when watching cooking shows, I can hardly tolerate it when a bowl is scraped inadequately, leaving tons of batter behind. I’m sure they do this because of the angle of the shot so that the viewer can see inside the bowl, but it drives me bonkers.