Ukuganaadan has had a great run at the Anchorage Museum. The show was extended from the original ending date in mid-January to April 14 at the request of the museum staff and the public. If you are in Anchorage by the 14th, go see the show. It is a beautiful show by Unangan artist Gert Svarny.

2 thoughts on “Gert.

  1. I really enjoyed this exhibit which prompted me to seek more information about Unalaska. I feel like I am understanding everything in even more depth after reading much of your blog (and I’ll continue reading!). You have a true talent for words. Although we’ve never met, it’s almost as though I can hear your voice narrating your life experiences and how you see Unalaska as I read your posts. Thank you for the gifts of your insight and honesty and your ability to evoke your land and culture.

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