The Emergence.

AngelicaIn other parts of the U.S. and the world, emerging plants might be tulips or daffodils.  It might be a favorite local wildflower.  Whichever flower or shrub it might be, it is a announcement that spring has arrived.  In the Aleutians, we expect spring near the end of May or even in the first weeks of June.  I look for the emergence of medicinal plants that have become virtually nonexistent in my pharmacy.  It seems that my favorite time of year has arrived a bit early.  Well, except for fishing season, and berry picking season.  There is hiking and camping, but there is nothing quite like the emergence season when everything is fresh and new.  And loved.

4 thoughts on “The Emergence.

  1. I’ve never been fond of breakup, but I love seeing plants show up! 💕💕
    I never really understood poems about spring and fall til I moved to Oregon. 😂😂

    1. Well, I am blessed to live in a part of Alaska that does not do the real breakup thing, so no breakup boots for this girl. I was actually thinking that a poem sometimes feels like the only perfect way to adequately express the feelings of spring…and then I remember that I am not a poet.

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