Could I say a mother’s work is never done?

Having just celebrated Mother’s Day by making my mother and myself prepare brunch for the multitudes (okay – it was totally impromtu), I have been reminising lately about motherhood.  Maybe it is because Alena has been off island attending school so much lately and we have had the added responsibility of looking after grandson number one.  You know the drill -making sure homework is done, and vitamins are taken, and enough sleep is obtained.  Schedules of school time, early release days, when is the after school program?, boots for PCR, and the ultra important – inside and outside shoes.  Of course having to also take care of the dog and cat is reminisent of something Caleb and I have already done, and vowed to never do again.  We can’t stand it when they die. 

Wild geranium (cranesbill) and wormwood (artemesia)

Perhaps it is the coming spring that is making me so introspective.  Maybe it is all the things about Unangan values and culture that I am still learning from my mother and am passing on, in a continuous stream of consciousness, to my children, who must pass it on to theirs.  It could be that life seems to be rushing me along, each year getting shorter and shorter – or so it seems.  I do find that I no longer have time to spend on folks who focus on the negative, so I have made a conscious choice that my time is no longer their time.  I know.  Radical, but good for the soul.  I would hazard a guess that turning to the far side of 50 has had a great impact on what I do and what I think!

Ah, motherhood.  The one thing I don’t miss about it because I am still totally immersed in it, is worrying about the welfare of my offspring.  So, I guess this all started on Mother’s Day, when after helping with the dishes, Laresa said, “Gotta go”, to her grandmother and me.  Off sailing.  Her second sailboat ride.  The first in the near bays.  I know that this one will be out of the bays.  And like any mother, I am a worry wart. 

She says that the sailor sailed it all the way up here by himself, on his way to Russia.  It is safe.  There are survival suits. 

I have to say that I am a bit ashamed of myself.  When Laresa got back home from her sail, she mentioned that she got a little seasick at one point.  I was tickled; full of glee.  Safe in my hope that she won’t make a real habit of sailing off into the Bering Sea.  Good god!  I am hopeless!

2 thoughts on “Could I say a mother’s work is never done?

  1. Did you know that I lived on a sailboat for almost three years? My sister PakArt just wrote a book about our life on the boat. I have her link on my blog.

    1. Really. I’ll have to check that out because those seem to be Laresa’s plans. Save enough money to buy a sailboat. Then, she says, she will always have a place to live. Yikes!

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