Projects of the day.

With the sun shining brightly, mom and I took a brisk walk up to the graveyard to assess the necessary repairs to the graves.  Something we try to do every year before Memorial Day.  And let me tell you it was brisk!  That northish wind really puts a chill in the air.  On the way back, we walked the front beach looking for wood for the smokehouse this summer.  We threw it up the bank, at intervals, and then Caleb and I used the Exploder to pick it up. 

Then, after Caleb got up from trying to take a nap (hahaha) before having to go back to work, we heard some bumping and thumping around outside.  Caleb says, “Now what is your dad up to?”  Me – “I don’t know.”  Caleb – “Is he fixing up a new oil drum for the smokehouse?”  Me – “Looks like it.”  And…..he’s off and running.  I swear.  No rest for the wicked!  The old one was having some major issues with the door last year. 

Many, many years of service!

A few measurements, some god-awful noise, and we have something that will be ready for use….after they burn the gunk out of it….or, as Caleb said, divorces will ensue. 

Caleb and Sam - they can do anything and everything!

We are all looking forward to fishing this summer!

3 thoughts on “Projects of the day.

  1. That is one of the many things that I miss here in WI. Good smoked fish, and steam bath/house. I tell people that in DUT and in other places people have bath houses just so that they can take a steam bath. I get odd looks!

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