Fishing for Reds! Aanux^!

It is a busy time of year, so I apologize for slacking on the blog.  The aanux^ (red salmon) are starting to hit, and I have been busy bickering with my husband.  Things are starting to smooth out in the equipment department (trailer, boat, engine, net) and although my body is beat all to h***, I am enjoying myself immensely.

Our net set on the front beach.
Our net set on the front beach.

It is darn hard to get the net straight!  Our engine isn’t strong enought to pull in reverse, so Caleb has had to devise a bridle (not quite refined yet) to pull with it attached to the stern. 

Skiff and engine courtesy of brother-in-law Greg Hawthorne.
Skiff and engine courtesy of brother-in-law Greg Hawthorne.

It is so nice to be able to fish, practically from our front porch.  Plus the whole family gets involved…all four generations!  The reds are HUGE this year. 

We need a bigger container!
We need a bigger container!

Our first concern has been getting enough fish for the smoke house.  Dad said, ” I am not wasting my cottonwood for less than 15 fish!”  Well, it took us two days, but on the morning of the third day, mom was stripping 20 fillets to brine and hang.   SP was so excited to be able to fish.  Any kind of fish made him happy.  Sadgunix^ (Trout), araamusax^ (bull heads), flounder.  And, oh yeah, the aanux^, red salmon.

Gert Svarny, fillet master!
Gert Svarny, fillet master!

Our second day was frought with wind.  The north wind blows in the fish, but it hits us smack dead center and plays havok with the skiff.  I almost had a heart attack when mom waved Caleb and I off when we tried to land the skiff again to pull the net, and I saw my 82 year old father down on the beach pulling away with mom and Laresa! 

Many years of experience go into each step of the process.  Sam and Gert Svarny.
Many years of experience go into each step of the process. Sam and Gert Svarny.

The third day, Caleb had to work so we set the net early, and Laresa and I planned to fish it all day.  Easy……except I couldn’t get the engine to start!  We spent the day pulling ourselves (in the skiff, of course) out the net and back.  Man that is tiring.  The good thing was that Laresa is almost as good as Caleb at picking the fish out of the net.  The bad thing was that I just wasn’t pushing hard enough on the engine starter button and when Caleb got home, he started it right up.  Aaarrgghh! 

Aanux^ - Red Salmon.
Aanux^ - Red Salmon.

Neighbors are a blessing in Unalaska.  Zoya and Bobby Johnson helped Laresa, Caleb, and I pull the net in on Saturday evening.  Then Bobby expertly repaired  the net where a hole had mysteriously appeared.    Two nights of mom’s lovely cooking – fish stew with alaadix^ and boiled salmon with potatos, petrushky, fiddleheads, and seal oil!  Yum.  That’s the life!

Two days of rest and we are hoping for good weather tomorrow.  At any rate, something will get done because we have another project going – the mini greenhouse!

13 thoughts on “Fishing for Reds! Aanux^!

  1. thank you for sharing the local fishing experience, felt like I was on shore watching. The pix really helped picture the entire adventure.

  2. Great post and pics…I almost feel guilty for leaving town and letting my husband do all that alone 🙂 (except for the smoking he doesn’t do that as he doesn’t like it) Almost…. You so need to work with UAF’s Rural Nutrition Classes Sharon! They NEEED expertise from the Aleutians!

    1. Have been enjoying your posts! Don’t feel guilty; I’m sure your husband is happy doing what he loves to do. And if he is really missing you and wants to hold something over your head, he is working up a good case for martyrdom!

  3. Happy Birthday Sharon!
    Thanks so much for lighting a candle for Steve, it is very much appreciated. Happy fishing!

    1. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Make sure to let us know when and how things are going with Steve.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    Hoping the fish start to hit the nets over here… my dry rack is sad with no fish yet…. (I’m waiting to get like 20-30 of them… no use drying only like 2-4 fish at a time! LOL

    much luv
    April and Boy

  5. Wonderful post but you left off one detail – I want to know all about the kayak on the banner!! – is this from this year’s camp? It looks wonderful, Caleb is truly the master. Okay, off to bed for me, I’ll be off-line for a few days . . . .

    1. Yes it is an iqyax^ (skinboat) that Caleb made with the kids, but I think it was constructed 3 years ago and covered 2 years ago. Not enough time in camp to do both projects in one year! You and Caleb should finish your conversations, find a space, and build one for you. Sounds like a good shoulder-healing winter project!!

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