You might live in Unalaska if…..

And now, by popular demand, the list presented by mc’s Kristine and Sharon at the Aleutian Arts Council Coffee House.  This list was lovingly crafted by Kristine and then massaged to perfection.

You might live in Unalaska if…..

  • You only go to seafood buffet when you have out-of-town guests
  • You can still smoke in a restaurant
  • You think it is normal for a playgound to sit adjacent to a propane farm
  • 75% of the sweatshirts you own were once door prizes
  • You are not confused why the Polar Bear Run does not have polar bears
  • Your graduating senior from UCSD earned more than you did last year
  • While on vacation,  your children don’t know to run inside for shelter during a rainstorm
  • You remember when the bars used to be on the “other side”
  • You don’t really expect to fly out on time, on schedule…or ever really
  • Once you fly, and each time after that, you find that you are more willing to ask the clinic for some assistance with your next flight
  • You’d rather not fly with Frank Kelty
  • You can pronounce Iliuliuk correctly:  “Town Creek” – right??
  • You get smacked by AB when you say you live in Dutch Harbor
  • You can quickly organize a VALID work-related field trip if the sun breaks out
  • While on vacation, you forget you can pull out in front of cars when entering traffic
  • You join Fire/EMS so you can drive fast…..and then resign when you learn that you still have to follow the speed limit
  • You’ve been on television
  • You had Wilma Adams as your Kindergarten teacher.  And then your kids had her.
  • You’ve been Annabelle Wilt’s go-to person for at least one project
  • You can’t count to “TWO-” “FIVE-” or even “TEN-” when followed by the phrase “-YEAR PLAN”

In all of her fiestiness, Kristine told me to add this if you don’t get the list, or don’t find each little item endearing:  you should probably, as soon as is humanly possible,  move away from Unalaska!

One thought on “You might live in Unalaska if…..

  1. love it!! I’ve been away 2.5 days, ready to come home. Every single one applies —hopefully the one about the UCSD gradutate WILL apply next year 🙂 except I just am obviously not involved enough, haven’t worked with anabell on anything…we DID have a 5 year plan, coming up on our 11th, it’s all good!

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