Helloooo from Akutan!

Kristine and I had an absolutely perfect flight on the Penair Grumman Goose from Unalaska to Akutan.  It was so smooth that Kristine’s window didn’t even get wet in the water landing.  Pilot Steve Hakala is one of the best anyways.  I told Kristine that I really didn’t know that many people in Akutan, but it seems that everyone we saw, I knew!  April came to meet our plane, (Akutan- Village Life on the Rocks for you blog followers) then got us checked into our rooms at the Akutan Bayview Hotel.  Dimitri Tcheripanioff brought our bags and equipment on a 4 wheeler which was very much appreciated.

An absolutely beautiful day for flying.
An absolutely beautiful day for flying.

We invited folks to come to our workspace, provided by the Akutan Corporation at the Bayview, and we were happy to get 2 people signed up for sessions.  Hugh Pelkey came in first and spent 40 minutes talking with me about his life, with 2 amazing stories of survival.  His descriptions of the events, as well as his discriptions of life in general, were vivid.  We hosted Hugh’s bother Darryl Pelkey later in the evening.  His story took us from Akutan, to the West coast of Washington, and back again, leaving us with a clear understanding of his appreciation of life in the Aleutians, and how you can make a difference in the lives of those living around you.

Looking across the bay.

Our morning started with a trip outside to look at the calm beginnings of a new day.  Yikes!  Another gorgeous day.   Our first session was a conversation with Mayor Joe Bereskin.  Joe talked with me about Akutan and the importance of becoming involved to make where you live the best it can be for it’s residents.  We touched on topics of politics, fisheries, hydro power, geothermal power, education, and the absolute beauty of Akutan’s boardwalks!!

Brand new City Hall and some of the boardwalk.
Brand new City Hall and some of the boardwalk.

Several of our conversationalists were unable to attend, so Kristine and I took a walk to the Trident plant.  Oh my goodness.  That trek was long and had a bit of mud involved!  We hadn’t really planned on the trek, so we didn’t have our brochures with us.  We had to come all the way back to town, eat our scrumptuous soup dinner and trek all the way back with our brochures in the hopes of getting some folks from the plant to participate tomorrow.  Kristine and I were amazed that the Penair Goose made six trips today!

We are eagerly awaiting April’s and her husband’s conversation tomorrow morning.  CB, if you are reading the blogs while you are on vacation, just know that April is enjoying some sea salt caramels from Unalaska!!!


13 thoughts on “Helloooo from Akutan!

  1. Well, if anyone besides me is eating the caramels, I am glad it is April!!! Her and her hubby’s session should be fun!!
    Give Little Dante a Kiss for me!!
    And Take care of yourself!!
    Much love from PA

    1. So there is a big question about when you left town. Gina told me you left Friday and I went to find you to deliver your chocolates. Now I am hearing you left Saturday? At any rate, the chocolates were so good!!!

  2. Hello from the Anch airport! your grandson is doing better this morning, Ron can actually convince him to eat and drink better then I can (Ron’s apple juice tastes better then mine…how does that work?). I’m on my way to SFO this morning. PS, love the post about your wedding…why are my legs so fat?

    1. So glad to hear that he is doing better. Call me to let me know what Ron’s phone number is. Your legs look like that because you get them from your greatgrandma, your grandma, and your ma!

  3. Sounds like you’re having a great visit!! Keep us posted…..everything was good with SP’s surgery? I haven’t heard anything!

  4. I was trying to get out earlier but could not because it would have cost $500.00 extra Dollars and I would not have been guaranteed a flight in Anchorage and could have gotten stranded like other people have. I left on Saturday’s first plane. Good Flight all around though.
    I’ll just have to order some more when I get back and ship them down.
    Good To hear about SP!!
    Give April and Dante kisses for me!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous trip! I imagine you and Kristine are the envy of all the other StoryCorps people who don’t get to have such amazing travels or hear such amazing stories! Very cool! Also glad to hear SP is on the mend. Just saw that Alena has posted on her blog as well. Have fun–when do you return?

    1. Ah, trying to standby tomorrow at 4:30. Caleb says it might lay down in the afternoon before it kicks up northerly again. Have seats on the goose for Friday. May be seeing Unalaska via some kind of actual boat!!

  6. Hello
    🙂 know them people there, you have to hunt them down and drag them in, but when its all finished and done with, they will have enjoyed it. 🙂

  7. The caramels were awesome… I felt honored to be able to have some and share them with my loved ones! (My dad loved them, he was like “where did you order these from? I saw them making these on TV the other night” and I was like Sharon made them.. and he was like “NO WAY! They are awesome tasting!!” So I’m happy I was able to share them with someone who appreciates home made goodies as much as I do….

    and thank you for my session this morning, that was pretty easy and “harmless”… trying to talk my mother-in-law to go up with my hubby! We’ll see what she says… I’ll work on her all day!!

    Glad you’re enjoying your stay so far…. sorry the cafe isn’t open 😛 at least you have kitchens ;)..

    PS. I believe you can get meal tickets from the plant and go eat up at their galley too if you’d like to.. I don’t know if anyone told you that… they have a pretty good assortment of food!

    ~April Dawn~

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